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So the fact that you now can rent dvds that comes right to your mailbox, is pretty nifty I think. I do miss going to the movie store, and pick out movies, see whats new out, what old movies that is now on dvd...The good thing with the rent and get it in your mailbox, is that even if you do forget to return it promptly, you dont get any late fees, it just becomes a very expensive rental...I am very good at that, not returning it on time...really you could have a new movie every other day, and its ...

Boat things

My husband has a new plan for the boat. For the way we navigate, to be exact. Instead of the old-fashioned way, using a map, compass and speed and distance meter, he wants to go ultra modern. So the previous generation of navigation systems, dedicated chartplotters that cannot do anything else, or using a laptop with a chart program on it and connected to a gps, he wants to use his tablet to navigate on. That thing has quite a good battery time, a built in gps and the screen is good to view in sunlight. He bought a ball ...

List of..

There is something called share register, making it easier for you to keep track of everyone who has shares in your company and so. It is a computer program that provides this data for you and makes it easier for you to have an overview of your company. The register so you can see the way everyone has a part and how much they own. You can see what they are and where they live and their telephone number. All these tasks can be very useful. It's very easy to access this information once you have a password ..